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In the gym you know what the attacker 
is going to do... (because it's practice!)

But in real life YOU DON'T!

There are a lot of fake Krav Maga trainings out there and McDojos that teach people outright dangerous BS that could actually get them seriously harmed in real life.

Therefore you will have zero experience when actually dealing with a real life attack

To make things worse...

In the gym, when training you wear comfortable training clothes, all the protective gear and you only ever train one-on-one with same size people without tools.

What are you going to do if the attacker is armed and pulls out a weapon?

In real life you need to approach the situation as if the attacker potentially is armed and have a weapon...

So How Do You Do It?

In my flagship course, Personal Security Secrets, 
I show you HOW!

You'll learn: 

  • Preventing dangerous situations from escalating
  • Protecting yourself against an attacker with a knife
  • Protecting yourself against an attacker with a baseball bat/stick/baton
  • Dealing with an attacker with a handgun
  • ​Defending yourself on the ground, including rape attempts

Module #1 -  Hand to Hand Combat Training

  • Learn the most effective self-defense skills that work against 95% of common attacks. I will explain everything precisely in detail and show you exactly what and how to do, and by the end, you will be equipped with the skills to defend yourself in all of the most common real-life hand to hand conflict situations!

($197 Value)

Module #2 - Hand to Hand Defenses

  • Cut the learning curve and achieve your goals faster for learning how to defend yourself in any situation, how to use your hands, where to move them, and reduce the risk of injury in training.

($197 Value)

Module #2 -  Baseball Bat/Baton Defense

  • This module is a favorite by many of my students! Like every part of the program, this training is a result of over 30 years of training, experience, and insider knowledge from the Krav Maga and self-defense training communities compressed in one easy-to-follow lessons, so you can learn the best and most effective skills that truly work.

($197 Value)

Module #3 -  Knife Defense

  • This knife defense training was designed to establish and build your self-defense skills against one of the most dangerous weapons. These are the techniques, if mastered, that help you to survive real life attacks and they work regardless of your size, strength, and condition...or experience working with knives or weapons of any kind!

($197 Value)

Module #4 -  Handgun Defense

  • Be the first to get your hands on this exclusive handgun defense training to become able to protect yourself in real life. It's an ideal training for anyone who has or has never heard of Krav Maga, anyone with martial arts experience, or anyone who has no experience with anything like this, but is excited to learn the techniques also used by special forces to defend yourself! 

($197 Value)

Module #5 -  Ground Fighting Fundamentals 

  • In this training, we're going to take a focus on ground fighting and show you the fundamentals of what you need to watch out for and to quickly and effectively solve the situation when you end up on the ground and protect yourself from getting hurt! (This module also includes defense against rape attempts! )

($197 Value)

Bonus #1 -  Personal Safety Masterclass

  • For the first time ever, I am even throwing in my Personal Safety Masterclass, which was originally built as a corporate program to increase the security awareness, improve the risk assessment skills and the personal security of the trainees (and sold for $5000 per event!) This masterclass will empower you to create solid foundations for your safety and security at all times!

($1997 Value)

Bonus #2 -  Access to My Private Inner Circle 

  • Get access to my inner circle with our exclusive facebook group and community membership! Connect with like-minded and goal-oriented individuals. You'll be able to join our conversations, get your questions answered, and learn from others on the same journey!

($497 Value)

Bonus #4 - The Ultimate Traffic Hack

"How To Publish On Every Platform, Without Consuming Your Life..."

  • And last, super affiliate and top traffic expert Peng Joon gave a presentation called the "content multiplier" where he created 4 months worth of content... in just 3 days! This shortcut will show you how you can fill your funnels with consistent steams traffic, in just 3 short days! This presentation will give you a shortcut that no one thought was possible before!

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Bonus #5 - The Ultimate Unfair Advantage

"Learn How To Apply The Principles Of Traffic Secrets During The 30 Day Traffic Secrets Challenge!"

  • After you read the Traffic Secrets book, the first question most people have is: "Where should I start!?!" The answer is the 30 day Traffic Secrets challenge! This challenge is a kickstart to get your moving forward quickly. It will give you a day by day roadmap to follow to get you from where you are today, to where you want to be!

($97 Value)

Here's What You Get Today:

  • Hand to hand combat basics module ($197 Value!)
  • Baseball bat/baton defense module ($197 Value!)
  • Knife defense module ($197 Value!)
  • Handgun defense module ($197 Value!)
  • Ground fighting fundamentals ($197 Value!)
  • BONUS #1: Personal safety masterclass ($1997 Value!)
  • BONUS #2: Exclusive facebook group and community membership ($497 Value!)

Total Value: $3,479 

6 Months Worth Of 
Martial Arts Classes = $750 

Normal Price Of A Personal Training Session = $120

This online course will 
give you far more value 

for just $97 today!

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